Here’s what just a few of our fellow Santas have said about the Santa Gordon and his SATBOBS Santa School:

Workshop Book Reviews:

Santa Gordon…I am halfway through your book. Very interesting reading and very enlightening. Much more involved than I had imagined, but I am glad you have spelled out a lot of the steps before I just stumble onto them. Being Santa looks like a very BIG job.   Micheal W.

In Indianapolis:
I truly enjoyed Santa Gordon’s class and his book is chock-full of useful information. It was a great weekend all around. Just a terrific learning and networking experience!  Santa Morgan P.

Great class Gordon! I enjoyed just listening to your stories. You are one of my mentors from now on. Thanks!  Santa Ronnie Mc.

Gordon – you are truly a wealth of information about many aspects of the Santa world: from the history of Santa Claus to the details of the “Santa Wars”, from the business of being Santa to the “Do’s and Don’ts” for Mr. and Mrs. Claus. I enjoyed your presentation and learned a great deal from it. Thank you !!!  Santa Dan S

Good recommendation Thomas L. Myers. Although I have not personally attended Santa Gordon Bailey’s class, I believe you would be hard pressed to find a better bang for your buck. Gordon Bailey knows his stuff. No matter how experienced a Santa might be he can learn something of value in his class and book.  Santa Marty

The SATBOBS Mesquite class

The class had a good pace and lots of information Thanks Santa Larry J.

I learned a lot today and enjoyed the class very much. Bobby Mc

It was extremely informative and learned a lot. Thank you! Allan S.

Was blessed to be here, details, histories, and traditions educational for me! Santa Lee D.

Here’s my plug for Santa and the Business of Being Santa:
If you have the opportunity to take the class, do so! I had the opportunity to attend the Dallas class. It was extremely informative for anybody that is venturing or is currently a Santa. Working in the non-performance world, I was introduced to unheard of terms like agents, travel time, setting up, performing, etc. I was stunned at the wealth of knowledge, experience and advice Santa Gordon offered. The knowledge I walked away with was worth way more than the price of the tuition. This knowledge definitely did cost somebody money/time or both!

There were a couple of things I did learn that wasn’t on the curriculum:
1. I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I figured it was like fire academy/car club/motorcycle club: predominately male dominated, the person with the most Santa bling wins and there would be big egos involved. I was truly surprised how friendly and approachable everyone was. Being as knowledgable as Santa Gordon is, I was surprised at how down-to-earth he is and how is is willing to share his knowledge. I’ve dealt with idiotic instructors that knew less but acted like they discovered quantum physics. The egotistical professor in my “Introduction to Music” class I was forced to take comes to mind….
2. As we were leaving for the day, there were a few children at our meeting place. In the past, concerns were voiced when children see a group of Santas: it might be traumatizing for them. I’m not saying that it wouldn’t be traumatizing, but what I noticed is that the children involved didn’t see a group of Santas.  They only saw one: the one that they approached and thanked for the gift(s) they got for Christmas! Santa Gordon, please put me down as an interested partner for the DFW area class!  Santa Al, Texas

The recent
SATBOBS Highland class yielded these comments:

Informative Anecdotes of experiences are great leaning lessons! Anonymous

Gordon, Very Informative. Did learn a few things. Good Job Anonymous

Very Well presented. Entertaining and Informative. Thanx! Anonymous

Gordon, Thanks so much for yesterday. I was really impressed with your knowledge and presentation. Your book is fantastic. You inspire Santas to go further than just being Santa. God bless, Santa Earl T.

Santa Gordon Bailey, with his 30 years of experience, is a true fount of knowledge on all things Santa. I was glad to have attended and happy to have been able to share a bit about “video chatting as Santa” and the opportunities available to Santas at Hello SantaSanta Ed Taylor

Web Testimonials:

When it comes to Being Santa, there is nothing that Gordon has not seen. He’s a great resource-and very supportive. Check him out!” Santa True (Robert Seutter)

Book Endorsements:

I’ve read two of Gordon Bailey’s books and have found them to be the most comprehensive Santa training available. Santa Gordon has years of experience which he has organized in an easy to read format. Personally, any question that I have had, Santa Gordon has experienced and found a solution for. His comments and suggestions come from a “been there, done that” perspective.

He has spent many years as a Traditionally Bearded Santa and as a Naturally Bearded Santa. Gordon also has been a children’s and adult entertainer. Gordon’s experiences include but are not limited to: Ballooning, Magic, Clowning, as a Pirate, make-up and costuming consultant, and of course as an independent and mall Santa Claus. Gordon’s class information has always been very practical, useful, and heartfelt. Gordon’s abilities to combine Santa Claus and business is very well thought out and explained in a practical manner.

If you don’t learn a thing about Santa Claus portraying, the value of his business training is worth the price of tuition alone. But the fact is you will learn BOTH the finer points of Santa Claus portrayal AND Santa Claus business by reading his books and attending his traveling school. Should Santa Gordon bring his school to your area, I urge you to attend if at all possible. Santa name withheld at request