Santa Tom Carmody

Santa Tom Carmody

Santa Tom Carmody has more than thirteen years of varied Santa experience under his broad belt, including both malls and private appearances. Tom is a dedicated, resourceful, and ministry-driven Santa who remains a flexible professional who sees each child as a gift, possessing unique needs and opportunities. He has honed his superior interpersonal and communications skills and uses them to create magical moments for the children, parents, party attendees, or crowds for which he performs. Santa Tom is also a great on-the-fly story creator and teller.

Teaching Santas comes easy to this Santa, what with over forty-five years as a secondary educator. He has never stopped seeking advice on being the best professional Santa he can be, graduating from the International Santa Claus School in 2006 and 2017, graduating from the Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School in 2007, and graduating from the Noerr Pole Santa School in 2008. Too, he participated in the Jim Yellig Workshop programs in Santa Claus, Indiana in 2011 and 2013.

Santa Tom believes in structured learning, using the best tools available, presented in an easy to understand manner, but also knows that Santas will learn from social interaction, in the classroom and in local, regional, and international organizations. To that effect, he was a founding member of the Fellowship of Servant Santas, is active as a member in The Society of Santa in Colorado, FORBS, and is currently a member of the Board and serves as External Vice President, an officer position, of IBRBS. He was also involved with AORBS and is both a student and scholar-in-action of the Santa Claus world history.

Santa Tom Carmody will provide each of his students with insight, encouragement, and clarification of the best practices to be an effective, professional Santa Claus.

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