Santa Ron Vedder

Santa Ron Vedder

Santa Ron Vedder brings experience to the SATBOBS School from a long and varied career in the entertainment industry. He is a highly respected professional perfecting his crafts over many years and various venues.

Growing up in Florida, Ron was a member of an entertainment family which travelled with circuses throughout the Southeastern U.S., Mexico and the Western Caribbean. At an early age, Santa Ron began his clown training and, in 1971, he became a Circus Clown. Through the grease paint and comical behavior, Ron saw early in his career the laughter and joy he could bring to children. He knew then he wanted to be an important part of children’s entertainment and has done so for over 43 years.

Entertaining children led him to becoming a Santa Claus. His first paying Santa job was in 1978 for the Winn-Dixie Food Stores in Lake Worth, Florida. Santa Ron loves to put on the “Red Suit” and delights in the joy and happiness he brings to all who see him. He is a serious student of portraying Santa, constantly improving his performance, costuming, and knowledge. His portrayal of Santa Claus is “Faith Based” and one can feel “The reason for the Season” in his presence.

Over time, Santa Ron added many talents to his repertoire. He capably performs as a: Magician, Ventriloquist, Puppeteer, Storyteller, Animal Trainer, Educator/Trainer, Writer/Producer, Radio Personality/DJ and a Fire Eater. You may also find this versatile Santa performing “out of season” by doing magic or a puppet show to a youth summer camp, church group or birthday party. Santa Ron is the entertainer to make a party successful and/or share his knowledge about Santa Claus.

He is compassionate and takes every opportunity to visit children who are ill or hospitalized. His experiences as a Youth Minister ideally suited him to visit gravely ill children and caring parents. He has been a part of both campuses of Children’s Health Care of Atlanta, White County EMS Community Outreach, Hall County Treatment Services Family Outreach, and others in Florida and the Southeast,

Ron, originated “The Real Bearded Santas of North Georgia.” The “RBSNGA” is a Facebook social group of Santas living in North Georgia, Tennessee and North & South Carolina. To date there are over 270 members in the Facebook group, of which anywhere from 50 to 150, meet every other month at a selected restaurant for a luncheon and comradery. There are no dues and a good time is had by all. He has participated in another Georgia Santa social group, the Peachtree Santas, as well as the Red Suit Round Table, and was a Senior Instructor at The Santa Claus Academy in Atlanta, Georgia. Just some of Santa Ron’s many clients include such well-known companies as Coca Cola, Home Depot, Simon Malls, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and others. During the 2014 and 2015 Christmas season, Santa Ron travelled to Honolulu, Hawaii to be a Santa Claus at the beautiful Ala Moana Center.

Santa Ron is the consummate Santa Claus and entertainer to make any event a success and is an outstanding addition to the SATBOBS group of instructors.

If you need to ask Santa Ron specific questions, we provide a contact page . Please click here.