By popular demand, Santa Gordon proudly offers a limited amount of advertising space, at very competitive rates, in a first-come, first reserved fashion, on the closing few page(s) of his Santa School workbook. His rate chart rewards those who commit to larger ads. His rates may increase as the known number of exposures increase, but those who have executed a contract and made payment for their ad space are grandfathered for that edition at the rate effective at the time of commitment.

Based on Santa Gordon’s publishing history and his conservative estimates for 2015 eyes and hands on his workbook, he has developed the following rate chart. It is based on his experience this year and his expectations of 100 eyes or more, including registration at his schools, Amazon sale, sales via direct sales and the Internet. You will be reaching many new Santa and Mrs Clauses as well as seasoned Santas looking for Santa accessories, suits, tools (wigs, beards, etc) and more.

The SATBOBS CURRENT RATE CHART* as of OCT 1st, 2014. Rates based on a minimum of 100 eyes.

Full page, (10″Hx7″W)……………………………………….$100
1/2 page, (5″Hx7″W)…………………………………………..$75
1/4 page, (5″Hx3.5″W or 2.5″Hx7″W)………………………..$50
1/8 page, (2″Hx3.5″W or 5″Hx1.75″W)………………………$35
Liners with URL, (single line of text no wider than 7″) …….$25

Your ad space must conform to the sizes and configurations noted above. We would prefer receiving your ad in a CMYK PDF or Adobe Illustrator file set, saved in 300DPI. For other types of files, please contact us via our Contact Santa page. All included art must either be original or you must have written permission of the copyright owner(s) to use the art commercially, via publication in a book.

Please print this page, sign the printout and mail it to Santa Gordon at:

Attn: Santa Gordon Bailey
2692 Highland Ave Spc 142
Highland CA 92346


Advertiser Agent (YOU): ____________________________________________

Advertiser (Company Name): _________________________________________

Ad Size: _______________________________________________________

As ADVERTISER AGENT (noted above), and on behalf of the ADVERTISER (noted above), I wish to commit for an ad in the size noted above in the next SATBOBS Workbook and Santa Manual. By selecting an ad size and amount and completing the purchase by paying the required amount as displayed by the current rate chart, I am confirming my commitment to provide an advertisement in the size and within the schedule required. I understand if I fail to pay in a timely manner, the pricing and/or availability of space may be in jeopardy. Further, I agree that I understand there are no refunds of deposits or payments in full due to any failure on my part to fulfill the requirements. Further, I agree to hold SATBOBS and those associated therewith harmless in all cases of IP or copyright infringement claims or legal actions resulting from my content. Lastly, I understand that advertisements must be received by SATBOBS in the required format no more than 30 days following advisement of the dimensions and requirements and in no case less than two weeks prior to the publishing date. If advertiser fails to provide these files within the required time, all deposits are forfeited and no refunds will be issued. Please also sign and return this contract.


Signed: _________________________________________   Date: __________________



Please confirm your commitment and reserve your ad space be making your PayPal payment via the button below.

Advertising Space Rates as of 01 OCT 2014