About Santa School

Alright! You have just come through the door in your magnificent suit, your boots are shined and your bag is full! All of the family is sitting around staring at you in awe! You make a fantastic appearance as you enter the room!

Now What?

That’s right! You have the look but what do you do to perform? How do you carry off the next hour or so making the audience believe they are being visited by the Jolly One himself?

That is what the four Santa Gordon’s series of Santa and the Business of Being Santa textbooks and our SatBoBS Santa School are all about! Teaching you how to “Be” Santa and what to plan for when dealing with children or adults that want to test your knowledge. The finest suit, the biggest gold belt buckle and the shiniest boots will only carry you for so long! (About 5 minutes) Even if you have practiced your jolliest “Ho Ho Ho”, you need to know what to say and how to deal with your audience.

In a field where you see “Professionals” with all of one or two seasons under their belt, Santa Gordon shares his thirty-seven plus years of experience in the chair with you. Often asked for more information about our “Santa and the Business of Being” school, here is a brief recap of the 2-day school structure and topics.

Our SatBoBS school is broken into three sections:

1) The History of the Character we portray and the difference between St Nicholas vs. Santa (very different characters with vastly different backgrounds).

Be Original (pg.1 bk.1) The Evolution of the Santa Image (pg.7 bk.1) The Export of Santa to Other Countries (pg.201 bk.1) Live Appearances of Santa in America-A timeline (pg.205 bk.1) The Changing Image and Traditions Surrounding Santa Claus as Opposed to St, Nicholas and “Old World Traditions” (pg.213 bk.1) How Traditions of The Old World and New World Applied to Santa Claus (pg.217 bk.1) A new Tradition (pg.21 bk.2)

2) The business side of being an “Independent Contractor Entertainer” and the related practical considerations in operating a business whether for profit or for charity.

Three Methods of Learning (pg.3 bk.1) What separates a “Hobby” Santa from a Professional Santa (pg.27 bk.1) Negotiations and the Business of being Santa (pg.35 bk.1) Pricing your Service (pg.41 bk.1) Outsourced HR/Placement Agencies and How they work (pg.47 bk.1)How your Behavior can affect your continued employment (pg.53 bk.1) Business and the Santa Experience (pg.59 bk.1) Experience Matters (pg.67 bk.1) What can a Santa do the rest of the Year (pg.71 bk.1) Insurance Sources (pg.77 bk.1 reprinted with expanded material pg.61 bk.2) Taxes and You the Santa (pg.89 bk.1/reprinted pg.56 bk.2) A few words about Agents/Agencies (pg.6 bk.2) A sampling of Work opportunities from 2014 (pg.9 bk.2) Santa Schools and Educational opportunities (pg.23 bk.2) Listings for Custom made Santa Suits (pg.32 bk.2) Listings for “Off the Rack” Suits (pg.35 bk.2) Reasons to Cultivate relationships with a “Brick and Mortar” store (pg.38 bk.2) The Myth of the Refundable Deposit (pg.41 bk.2) Credit Card capture devices and a Caution in their use (pg.43 bk.2) How Blogs and your Hobby can Help you Earn Money (pg.48 bk.2) Copyright Material (pg.52 bk.2)

3) Practical information on performance and appearance. To further break it down, I list the topics of lecture by section. There is some overlap between sections as to topics though.

The Performing Santa by Robert Seutter/Santa True (pg.84 bk.2) Wigs and Beards by Marianne F. Coleman (pg.64 bk.2) Hair Bleaching advice by Barbara Tompkins (pg.80 bk.2) Santa Suit construction and Care by Krissi Peters (pg.81 bk.2) A Topic that No One Wants to Approach (pg.21 bk.1) Ethics – What are they and How They Apply to the Santa World (pg.81 bk.1) The Checklist (pg.97 bk.1) Magic and Santa (pg.103 bk.1) Profitable activities for Mrs. Claus and Elves (pg.109 bk.1) Make up and Santa Image Enhancement (pg.115 bk.1) What Can a Santa say to Children (pg.119 bk.1) Storytelling By Santa-An Introduction (pg.125 bk.1)

I hope this helps answer some of the questions of what makes up the content of the SatBoBS Santa School* and our three instructional manuals.

Santa “Gordon” Bailey

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* The SatBoBS Santa School uses Santa Gordon’s three textbooks, but may be conducted by independently franchised instructors. Check each school’s details for more information and review their biographies on our Santa School Instructors’ page.